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Virtual Learning Environment

"City and Guilds have been impressed with Aurion's expertise in eLearning, all round professionalism and flexible value for money service. "

Roger Thomas, City & Guilds

Summary of key achievements:

  • Learner view - 48 hours of interactive learner content.
  • Tutor view - Learner support, assessment and feedback to encourage progress.
  • Centre view - Administration and management tool for local Centres to register tutors and schedule programmes, manage learners & co-ordinate certification.
  • City & Guilds view - Content Management System and admin tool to manage Centres, learner fees and the Learning For Living Website.

The Challenge

The purpose of this project was to provide a manageable and accessible learning centre to support the transition of unpaid carers back into paid employment.

City & Guilds wanted to reach and connect with a potential 1.5 million care workers, often working in isolation and social exclusion. The target audience, with an average age range of 45-55, had a low-level of IT skills and a high "fear factor".

The two major challenges of this project were how to design a highly usable content rich eLearning environment, while providing a sophisticated IT solution to integrate with existing City & Guilds IT infrastructure.

The Aurion solution

The new eLearning environment, entitled "Learning for Living", incorporates multi-mode learning; text, graphics, animation, audio and video were used to present the content.

Online tutor support, discussion forums and group-based activities help to address the isolation and social exclusion issues. The IT solution provides a tutor and administration area for learner registration and management. As part of the IT solution, learners can choose between a non-certified, or certified route to claim a formal City & Guilds qualification.

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