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"The National eLEarning Project is an exciting and innovative project that brings a broad spectrum of online learning experiences to all staff in the Irish Health Services. Because of the challenges posed by the project, from a technical and Learning and Development point of view, we needed a partner who would work in collaboration with us, and we found that with Aurion. Each member of the Aurion team brings a unique expertise to the initiative, and a willingness to share knowledge and skills.This is a winning formula, and has in no small way contributed to the success of the National eLearning project.

We're glad to have them on board. "

Pat Kenny, Health Service Executive

Summary of key achievements:

  • The development of a unique integrated approach to learning currently being implemented throughout the Irish Health Service - Assess, Plan, Learn and Share.
  • Awards-
    • Best Irish eGovernment Health Sector Award 2018
    • Short listed for the 02 Digital media Awards 2004 & 2018, eLearning Company of the year
  • On-going eLearning strategy development through participation in the National eLearning Group for the Irish Health Service.
  • After launching in Dec 2004, currently more than 5000 learners have registered.

The Challenge

The Irish Health Service is currently undergoing the most extensive reform programme in over 30 years. The delivery of quality patient-centred services requires a renewed focus on education, training and development in the health sector. Investment in education, training and development should be primarily focused on and integrated with improved service provision and enhanced patient care.

Training and Development must help each health service employee with the ability to improve how work is done. It was recognised that while there was evidence of good practice within a range of health boards and agencies, there was need to re-model the approach to education, training and development to one that is more strategic and available nationally to all health service employees.

The Aurion solution

Aurion worked with The Health Service Executive to develop a framework for corporate learning to bring the benefits of a standard, best-practice approach to Learning & Development to all Irish Health Service employees. The 'Learning Centre' is a unique easy to use online Learning Centre comprising of four key areas:

Competency Assessment Tool - The competency assessment tool is designed to assist employees in identifying their current strengths and areas for development. It can be used in self-assessment as well as enabling 360º feedback on performance.
Personal Development Planning Work Book - The PDP workbook is designed as an ongoing tool to help employees manage their personal development by planning and setting goals for the year ahead.
Knowledge Centre - The Knowledge Centre contains a wealth of resources on Leadership/Management Development, Organisational Development and Personal Development.

eLearning Programmes - Employees can choose from a wide range of interactive eLearning programmes to help achieve their goals including 4 programmes specifically designed by Aurion:

  • Finance for non-financial managers
  • An Introduction to Service Planning
  • An Introduction to Clinical Audit
  • An Introduction to Personal Development Planning
Trading Up - an online collaboration tool, designed to encourage learners from geographically dispersed locations to seek, collate and re-use skills & knowledge.

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