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What would you like to know about Aurion? First of all, meet our Managing Director, Dr Maureen Murphy.

Dr Maureen Murphy
My name is Maureen Murphy and I started Aurion in 1999 with a staff of two. Since those humble beginnings, we are now an award winning eLearning solutions provider with a staff of 10-core people and another 10 associates.

If you would like to know more about Aurion, click the questions below, or click Ask us more if you have a specific enquiry.

Ask us more

Q1. What is Aurion good at?

Q2. What markets do Aurion work in?

Q3. Do Aurion prefer to work with a specific type of organisation / company?

No. We work with all types of organisations from the small company up to multinational global concerns. We also all work across sectors including Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Education and Charities & Voluntary organisations. We choose to work with any client who has a genuine learning challenge that can be solved by applying Aurion’s drive, enthusiasm, creativity and innovation.

Q4. What specific expertise does Aurion have?

Q5. Who are Aurion’s clients?

Q6. How is Aurion financed?

Q7. Can you tell me more about your Managing Director?

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