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What would you like to know about Aurion? First of all, meet our Managing Director, Dr Maureen Murphy.

Dr Maureen Murphy
My name is Maureen Murphy and I started Aurion in 1999 with a staff of two. Since those humble beginnings, we are now an award winning eLearning solutions provider with a staff of 10-core people and another 10 associates.

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Q7. Can you tell me more about your Managing Director?

Dr. Maureen Murphy established Aurion in 1999 having spent 6 years as a computing lecturer in the University of Ulster.

Maureen specialised in adaptive technologies for educational resource materials within her PhD, and lectured in the area of educational technology, usability engineering, user interface design and information systems management.

As a recognised expert in the area of organisational eLearning strategy development and eLearning design, Dr. Murphy is the eLearning consultant on the Project Steering Group on eLearning for the Irish Health Service. She also maintains her academic links as External Examiner on the Web Technologies and Multimedia Design Foundation Degrees in QUB.

Maureen has also continued her active research work in the area of accessible interfaces and concentrates on managing the larger aurion projects and those that focus on the design of accessible resources for users with physical, visual or sensory impairments.

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